Welcome to Daffodil & Co. We’re a small town online shop inspired by country roads, family + faith, and the beauty of bringing old things new life. We're so happy to be able to share what we love with you. We hope you'll enjoy what we share with you here and bring a little bit of happiness and inspiration to your homes.


I have always wanted to have my own shop and to be able to sell my artwork and beautiful antiques that I've come across while digging through barns across New York. However, I kept making excuses and finding reasons to put it off. I, thankfully, have been blessed with an amazing husband who pushes me to follow my dreams and live life without regrets and to it's fullest potential. I also have two beautiful little girls who make me want to work harder than ever to set an example for them that it's okay to follow your dreams, no matter how distant they seem.

Our company name was inspired by our oldest daughter, and, now with the help of her little sister, I am even more inspired to bring this shop and all of its goodies to you, my friends. Daffodil & Co. is fueled by my love of design. We are inspired by our new home state of Texas, beautiful words, faith, family, and that feeling you get when the sun is shining and you're driving down a winding, country road... 


It means the world to us that you've stopped by our site to learn more about us and our business. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments by emailing us at info@daffodilandco.com. We hope you'll enjoy Daffodil & Co.! 


With love & blessings,



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